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CONNECTIONS CAFE (a virtual parent support program)

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Spring 2020 Video Collection

If you missed any of the original CONNECTIONS CAFE sessions, now is your chance to view them on your own time. Raising Resilience engaged compelling guest speakers from our community to address a variety of timely topics for our community.


CONNECTIONS CAFE is a virtual parent support program presented by Raising Resilience. 

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Our 2020 featured speaker event, THE SELF-DRIVEN CHILD, with nationally-recognized authors, Ned Johnson and William Stixrud, Ph.D., is now available as a video!  

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This UPLIFTING, HOPE-FILLED webinar offers practical and timely tips for parents, educators, and caregivers of different age groups (Kindergarten through High School) to:

  • Harness the power of calm necessary to be a non-anxious presence for our children.

  • Give our kids a sense of control (without losing parental authority) so they can build resilience and thrive - now AND in the future.

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Raising Resilience is a 501(c)3 nonprofit (and One Call for All agency) with a vision to help all families flourish. In order to remain inclusive and keep programs accessible, we rely on sponsorships from community-minded organizations and businesses, and donations from members of our community.

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CONNECTIONS CAFE Spring 2020 Topics and Speakers

  • Behavioral Strategies for Toddlers through Teens (3/31/20 Session)

Guest speaker, Shea Kennedy, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA, talks about routine vs. flexibility as options for engaging your child academically. 

This was our first session & there's no video to share but you can access the slides: Link to Slides  

  • Boosting Your Immune System & Your Mood (4/7/20 Session)

Guest speaker, Stephanie Dalton (Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach), talks about how to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND YOUR MOOD during a pandemic.

Link to Slides

  • Parenting with Compassion (4/21/20 session)


Guest speaker, Betsy Lydle Smith, is a lifelong educator and founder of Virtues Training (and ArtStar) and a Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project. Betsy gives us tips on PRACTICING COMPASSION with yourself and your children as you navigate this challenging time together. 

Link to Slides

Virtues Handout

Companioning Yourself Handout

Visit and share The Gifts of Character

  • Mindful Parenting Through Crisis (5/5/20 session)


Guest speaker, Jendi Watson, is a certified Hakomi therapist. Jendi leads participants through a meditation and gives tips on how to PRACTICE MINDFUL PARENTING by accessing your parenting superpower (your wise self) in order to reduce stress. 

Link to Speaker Slides

"HUG" IT OUT: Mindfulness During CV-19 

  • Validating Your Child's Need for Independence (5/19/20 session)

Guest speakers, Courtney Oliver, LMHC and Helen Burke from Bainbridge Youth Services, give a counselor’s view on FOSTERING INDEPENDENCE and supporting your child’s emotional needs during COVID-19.  

Link to Slides


Link to Dan Siegel's Video: BRAINSTORM: Adolescence as a Time of Adaptability, Not Immaturity

  • Positive Parenting Solutions (6/9/20 Session)

Guest speaker, Peggy Koivu (Certified Positive Parenting Facilitator and co-founder of the Odyssey Multiage Program), talks about how to find more joy in parenting by reducing power struggles with POSITIVE PARENTING STRATEGIES.

Link to Slides

  • The Parental Role in Your Child's Athletic Experience (6/23/20 Session)


Guest speaker, Ian McCallum - BIFC's Director of Coaching -  discusses how to SUPPORT YOUR YOUNG ATHLETE. He gives tips on how to encourage our children, hold them accountable, and foster their independence - as they navigate team sports. 

Link to Slides

Watch the Video

  • Let's Talk About Racism (6/30/20 Session)

Guest speakers Karen Vargas & Chasity Malatesta from BISD's Multicultural Advisory Council (MAC) and Spencer Bispham & Sarah Bukair from BISD's Youth Social Justice League TALK ABOUT RACISM in a local and broader context including how social media is shaping the narrative for our youth and how parents can overcome the fear of saying the wrong thing.

Link to Slides

Conversations on Racism - Resource Page





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