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We Are Raising Resilience Pledge

"When I get the support I need, my kids have a
much better chance of getting what they need from me.

They thrive when I do. Thank you, Raising Resilience!"

- Kate P.


Resilient Families = Resilient Communities

When parents feel supported and empowered with tools to build resilience in themselves and their children, our youth can thrive, and our community can grow stronger. 

Connections, acceptance, hope, positivity, perspective, self-discovery, and self-care all play a part in building resilience, as indicated by the APA (The American Psychological Association).

With so many parents reporting that their mental health and well-being have been impacted by COVID-19, families still need extra support as we move through this challenging time. Let’s lift each other up!


You can be a Resilience Ambassador by participating in the pledge and by donating via Bainbridge Youth Services or One Call for All to ensure more families receive the support they need to thrive. Thank you!

Be A Resilience Ambassador: Participate / Advocate / Donate


I seek to raise resilience in myself, my family and my community, thereby increasing our capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and thrive in the face of challenge.

I will strive to accomplish this by:

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