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Program Overview

We share a vision for an empowered, vibrant community where all youth and families flourish.

Raising Resilience brings parents together, online or in person, at acclaimed speaker and documentary events; panels and workshops; and speakers series' featuring local providers. These programs facilitate opportunities to learn from experts and from each other.

Although we are located on Bainbridge Island, we embrace and invite all parents, grandparents, educators, and caregivers to use our resources and join us on this parenting journey to raise resilience in our families, and our communities.

Brick Wall

Peter Bang-Knudsen, Ed.D.


Bainbridge Island School District

"The Bainbridge Island School District is deeply appreciative of its relationship with Raising Resilience. We often partner with Raising Resilience, along with other community partners like Bainbridge Youth Services, to coordinate information, learning, and support for our parents and our community. The proverb 'It takes a village to raise a child" is exemplified by Raising Resilience's efforts at highlighting important topics like student mental health, and how to parent teens through appropriate social media usage. The children of Bainbridge Island are able to lead more productive and fulfilling lives as a result of Raising Reslience's work." 

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