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We Asked & You Answered

Parent Support Survey Results

In August, Raising Resilience sent out a parent support survey to help determine how we can best serve the current needs of our parenting community. Participants were entered into a drawing for a $30 gift card to a local restaurant and access to the entire Raising Resilience Video Library collection. Congratulations to the winner, Kathryn Hamilton Morgan! She chose Proper Fish as her local restaurant.

Here's an overview of the survey results:

75% of respondents reported that their family's mental health and well-being worsened due to COVID-19.

Participants - Of 185 participants, the majority reported having kindergarten/elementary age children, followed by high school, then middle school, and preschool.

Priority Concerns - Supporting children's academic motivation; managing schedules and balancing work with distance learning; staying connected through social isolation.

Biggest Support During COVID-19 - Direct support from friends and family; personal connection with fellow parents; parenting articles and resources.

Priority Topics - Youth mental health; supporting student academic motivation; parent self-care; and screen time.

Preferred Event Programming - Notable speaker events; documentaries; workshops; CONNECTIONS CAFE; and small support groups.

Biggest Obstacles to Participating in Programs - Overwhelmed by schedules and other issues; not aware of the options; inconvenient schedules.

In response to this data, our next CONNECTIONS CAFE session will focus on family mental health. We are trying a new day and time! To register for this FREE session, happening Wednesday, September 23 @ 7 PM, visit the CONNECTIONS CAFE page.

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