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We Are Raising Resilience Together

As part of the “We Are Raising Resilience Together” awareness and fundraising campaign, parents - and all who care about youth - are invited to take the pledge to seek connections, use and share resources that foster acceptance, self-discovery, self-care, positivity, perspective, and hope. The American Psychological Association identifies these as key to our capacity to recover from difficulties, and Raising Resilience delivers programs that make it easier for families to pursue them.


"We raise resilience year by year, and kid by kid, and it really does take a village,” said executive director April Avey Trabucco. “Some years will be tougher than others (like this one!). Some years, we will be the parent, teacher, coach, therapist, or grandparent who offers help and perspective to others. Some years, we will be the ones seeking help. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are local resources to guide our families through various options that enable us to thrive in the face of challenge and model that to our children. We want everyone to know about them and have access to them. No parent should feel alone – let’s spread the word and lift each other up!”

Families, partnering organizations and businesses can join the campaign by taking the pledge via the website, and becoming resilience ambassadors. They are encouraged to share parent support resources with friends and family, and submit photos and testimonials about resilience to or post them on social media. The “We Are Raising Resilience Together” campaign is also combined with the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts through One Call for All to ensure consistent delivery and accessibility of programs that empower families and youth.

Leading the way and joining this collaborative effort are the organization’s first sustaining Link Sponsors – LORENZ & SAEZ, Realogics Sotheby's International (Gold), Puget Sound Energy (Silver) and West Sound Academy (Bronze).

"We are proud to sponsor Raising Resilience! As parents and members of the Bainbridge Island community we know it takes a village to raise kids. Raising Resilience offers programs and support to help us all build a strong foundation for our youth and our world," said Susan Lorenz & Jennifer Saez of Realogics Sotheby's International.

Kierra Phifer of Puget Sound Energy shared: “PSE is proud to contribute to the Bainbridge community through this sponsorship. Raising Resilience provides important services to help families thrive, and at Puget Sound Energy, we share their commitment to strong communities.”

Head of School for West Sound Academy, Barrie Hillman, added: "Raising children is a collaborative project between parents, families, schools and community. Raising Resilience is a critical resource for the entire community to have access to relevant, useful tools to help kids navigate their world and build skills for success. West Sound Academy deeply values the speakers and programs they bring to our region."

Year-Round Parent Support

Formerly known as Bainbridge Coalition for Youth and Parents, Resilience is best known for its programs - parenting speaker events featuring acclaimed experts (such as Julie Lythcott-Haims, Clay Roberts, Laura Kastner, Delaney Ruston or Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson); documentary screenings (“Screenagers,” “LIKE,” “Angst”); and classes that respond to the needs of local families. Programming decision are guided by parent input, the City of Bainbridge Island’s needs assessment, and the district’s Healthy Youth questionnaire.

Last spring, when in-person support was not available, the organization pivoted quickly to connect parents to each other and local resources in new ways, from the virtual Connections Café and The Self-Driven Child programs to the enhanced Parent Corner Blog series, Resource Directory, Calendar and Video Library – that offers on-demand help when it’s needed most.

The free monthly Connections Café continues via Zoom this fall with opportunities for Q&As and peer support at the end of each session. A recording from a recent program on Youth Substance Abuse Prevention, featuring practical and timely advice from local experts, is available for viewing through the Video Library with free access to all through November 15. Additional resources and articles are also provided on the website.

This month’s program on Parent Self-Care, made possible in part by Montessori Country School, is scheduled for November 17 at noon. Attendees will have a chance to ease into the busy holiday season by joining health coach and yoga instructor, Susan James, BCC, MSSW, LICSW, from the Bainbridge Prepares Wellness Team for an interactive session on how to practice and model mindfulness so the whole family can benefit.

This is a free event, but registration is required for access (live or recording). Those attending in real time will have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate from Willowtree Market.

Stay tuned for the upcoming discussions on screen time in December and sexual abuse prevention in January. To complement events and programs, additional resources - such as a parent guide, blog series and parent events calendar - can be found on the organization’s website. For more information, to register for the Café or to get involved, visit, subscribe to the newsletter or follow the organization’s Facebook or Instagram page.

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