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Healthy Conversations Re: Social Media's Toxic Risks

Facebook looms large in the news this week following Frances Haugen’s release of documents that show Facebook chose not to reveal or act on research that identified toxic risks to youth.

While this comes as no surprise, it does present an opportunity for action and healthy conversations with our children.

We’re turning to the experts for guidance on how to have those conversations. Over the past two years Raising Resilience hosted both Delaney Ruston, MD, filmmaker for SCREENAGERS and author of PARENTING IN THE SCREENAGE: A Guide for Calm Conversations; and Diana Graber, author of RAISING HUMANS IN A DIGITAL WORLD and co-founder of CyberWise and

Here’s a collection of posts and resources from their websites that address two of the risk factors for youth – body image and digital citizenship.


THE PROBLEM: Toxic Risks of Social Media Platforms Like Facebook and Instagram

“The internal research Haugen shared with the press, members of Congress and federal regulators has plunged Facebook into its biggest crisis in years. She leaked a trove of internal research and communications showing the company was aware of the ills of its platforms, including the toxic risks of Instagram to some teenage girls’ mental health

One Facebook study provided by Haugen found that 13.5% of teen girls said Instagram worsens suicidal thoughts and 17% of teen girls say the Instagram contributes to their eating disorders.

Facebook whistleblower tells Congress products hurt kids and weaken democracy : NPR


  • In November, Raising Resilience will host a CONNECTION CAFÉ session on Body Image. Our guest speakers will address body dysmorphia and eating disorders and address root causes, warning signs, and interventions. Stay tuned for details coming soon.

  • In the meantime, here’s a helpful article in relation to social media’s impact on our youth’s self-image. We’d like to point out that this challenge is not unique to girls - boys are experiencing this at increasingly alarming rates as well. Scroll to the bottom of this article for ideas for conversation starters:

Screenagers Blog | The Curse of Body Image Concerns (

THE PROBLEM: Hateful and Divisive Content

"One of the key points from Haugen’s 60 Minutes interview to discuss with your kids is how Facebook and Instagram are working to keep all eyes glued to their platforms. Their internal research shows that more hateful and divisive content gets more eyeballs."

Screenagers Blog | Discussing The Facebook Whistleblower With Our Kids (


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