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Choose Raising Resilience's Next Documentary Screening

In our continued effort to help families thrive, we're creating new opportunities for our parenting village to come together to learn from experts and each other in 2020. We’re starting the new year with a documentary screening chosen by …. you!

▶SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, January 29, 2020◀

Will you take a minute to vote on one of the following three documentaries? We will show the documentary with the most votes on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at Bainbridge Cinemas.

READ, WATCH, VOTE! (before December 22, 2019)

Read each description, watch the trailers, and vote below.


Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety

Angst is an IndieFlix Original documentary designed to raise awareness around anxiety. The film includes interviews with kids, teens, educators, experts, parents and a very special interview with Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, who opens up about his struggles with the illness. The goal of the film specifically is to help people identify and understand the symptoms of anxiety and encourage them to reach out for help.


"Angst is inspirational; the courageous effort made by teens in the film to face their fears and become competent in coping is heart-warming and breath-taking." - Dr. Laura Kastner

"I welcomed the opportunity to be a part of Angst to further the dialogue around mental health and to help people understand the impact anxiety has on our mental state and encourage people, especially kids, to ask for help." - Michael Phelps

"So glad my dad got to see this movie now he knows I'm not making it up." - 9 year old student - Chicago, IL

"I wish this film had existed when I was growing up it would've saved me and my family a lot of heartache." - Father of 3 kids - NYC

"I never knew that what I was experiencing was severe anxiety I'm so grateful to know that there is treatment." - 18 year old college student - Seattle, WA



LIKE is an IndieFlix Original documentary and series that explores the impact of social media on our lives.

Technology is her to stay. By understanding the effects of technology and social media on the brain, on our lives and on our civilization we can learn how to navigate it more safely together.

Our goal for this film is to inspire people of all ages but especially kids to self regulate. It's not about blame. It's about looking in the mirror and empowering ourselves to create balance in our lives and to learn to be there for each other.


Max Stossel is the Head of Education for the Center for Humane Technology, an organization of former tech insiders and CEOs dedicated to re-aligning technology with humanity’s best interests. Previously Max was as social media strategist who designed some of the same notification structures to distract students that he now criticizes. Max is also currently an award-winning poet and filmmaker named by Forbes as one of the best storytellers of the year.

Leah Pearlman is the co-creator of the Facebook ‘Like’ button. She left Facebook to become the creator of Dharma Comics and Author of Drawn Together, a book of uplifting comics that illustrate love, loss, courage, relationships and the full spectrum of the human experience. She is rarely on social media anymore.


"Given my professional familiarity with these themes, I am shocked at how moved, upset, and compelled to act I feel as a result of having seen this documentary. That LIKE will inspire you is an understatement. Quite simply, it's the most important film I've ever seen.” - Dr. Joe Dilley


The Upstanders

The Upstanders is a brand-new IndieFlix documentary about resilience and the power of connection to end bullying. The film explores cyber-bullying, bullying amongst friends, families, co-workers and the brain science behind it all. This film, which is considered third in the trilogy that includes LIKE and Angst, highlights new laws and programs already reducing bullying in schools and shows us how we can learn to make a difference together.

It seems that we have all been a bully at one time or another. When we look in the mirror we sometimes say things to ourselves we would never say to someone else. When we treat ourselves well we model for others how we want to be treated and how others should treat themselves. It has to start with us.


This film includes a large list of features experts from local favorite, Dr. Laura Kastner, Author and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at The University of Washington to Merve Lapus, Vice President and Sr. Director of Education & Outreach at Common Sense Media and Dr. James Doty, Founder & Director of CCARE and Professor of Neurosurgery-Stanford University School of Medicine.

The film is appropriate for ages 10 and up. It is being release in January 2020 and Bainbridge would be one of the first communities to view this film.


Now that you've read the descriptions and watched the trailers, it's time to VOTE!

Thank you and we hope to see you at Bainbridge Cinemas on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. Stay tuned for an announcement of which film received the most votes with a link to purchase tickets in early January.

If you would like to help Raising Resilience in our continued effort to deliver affordable (and sometimes free) quality programs to Bainbridge Island, please consider making a contribution through One Call For All or via our website. We also welcome volunteers. If you are interested, please email with the subject line: volunteer. THANK YOU!

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