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When you speak, we listen


In June, Raising Resilience hosted a focus group and sent out a survey asking for feedback to help strengthen our organization and refine our programming. Here are the top priorities for parents and educators in our community:

Preferred Programming - Notable speaker events and documentaries with some interest in panels and workshops.

Preferred Topics - Social media and tech habits topped the list, followed by substance abuse prevention, and stress and anxiety management.

Preferred Access - Increased content and resources online with possible access to video or audio recordings and source materials for those unable to attend events.

Preferred Engagement - Panels and classes are still desirable if they are a direct follow-up to the big-ticket speakers and documentaries.


During the focus group, we asked participants to define unique parenting challenges for Bainbridge Island residents. Here's a summary of common responses from our sample group:

Parenting on Bainbridge is…. busy, limiting, expensive, and logistically challenging. Childcare can be hard to find, and transportation isn’t always available. Comprehensive resources and services are limited and hard to access.

Children on Bainbridge are…. resilient, fortunate, over-scheduled, technologically distracted, not appropriately challenged or supported.

This may or may not reflect your experience. However, as unique as our families and parenting journeys are, there is common ground that brings us together. Keep an eye out for future surveys. When you speak, we listen.


Programming decisions, like big-picture strategic planning, have always been based on feedback provided by parents, educators and community leaders. As you can see from the above survey results, local parents would like to learn more about anxiety, technology balance and substance abuse prevention.

In response, Raising Resilience has committed to premiering a brand-new documentary from the director of SCREENAGERS - Dr. Delaney Ruston.

On Wednesday, October 23, the Bainbridge Island community will be one of the first to watch the movie and discuss the issues, the research and the solutions with the acclaimed filmmaker and physician. This impactful and timely film aims to help parents flip the script on stress, anxiety, and depression. More details and show times will be announced soon with registration details.

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