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Addressing Key Issues for Bainbridge Island Parents and Youth

We wrapped up our 2018/2019 programs with two successful events

Summit for Youth: OOn April 27, we partnered with The Alliance for Youth fellow member organizations for the 6th Annual Summit for Youth event. We are thankful for everyone who participated. With 1,200 BHS students attending an assembly about positive alternatives to substance abuse; 178 parents listening to an evening presentation on how to reduce stress in our families; and about 50 youth and adult brainstorming solutions at the Summit Workshop, we have laid the path for an even better tomorrow for Bainbridge Island Youth. We truly are better together!

Here is a visual take-away from the summit:

A Better High: On April 25, we brought an acclaimed author, neuropsychologist and stand-up comedian, Matt Bellace, PhD, to speak about a positive, science-based approach to substance abuse prevention.

Matt spoke to high school students during a school assembly and addressed an auditorium full of parents eager to learn later that evening.

The list of chapters in his book, A BETTER HIGH, captures the tone of our take-aways from his engaging appearance.

1. How to Get High Naturally

2. Laughing, Smiling and Other Highs Better Than Cocaine

3. Running, Surfing and Other Highs Better Than Weed

4. Eating, Cooking and Other Highs Better Than Alcohol

5. Helping, Listening and Other Highs Better Than Being Selfish

6. Loving, Caring and Other Highs Better Than Hurting Yourself

7. Unhealthy Natural Highs

8. Creating Your Own Natural High

Learn more about Dr, Bellace's approach and suggestions from his PrincetonTV interview.

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