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Thank You for Taking the Pledge

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Thank you for joining us as we build resilience in ourselves and our youth! Here's a link to your Pledge Activity Worksheets. Use them on your own or as a family.

If you would like to show your support on social media, claim a "We Are Raising Resilience" Facebook frame here.


​You can help Raising Resilience reach more families with parent EDUCATION, RESOURCES, and CONNECTIONS by making a donation.

If you donate through One Call for All your donation will be specifically earmarked for Raising Resilience. Every gift of over $20 through One Call for All earns a “share” of the Community Fund and it saves us processing fees, so your gift helps give more!

If you prefer, you can also donate through Bainbridge Youth Services.


"Thank you for the RAYS OF HOPE!"-anonymous CONNECTIONS CAFE participant​​​

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