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Technology at School

Past Programs

Featured Speakers

Digital Parenting in the Age of COVID

  • Diana Graber, author of RAISING HUMANS IN A DIGITAL WORLD (September 2021)

The Self-Driven Child

  • The Science and Sense of Giving Kids More Control Over Their Lives (June 2020)

A Better High

  • Matt Bellace (April 2019)

Growing Up in the Digital Age

  • Delaney Ruston (May 2018)

Staying Close While Standing Back: Parenting Middle Schoolers

  • ulie Metzger (November 2017)

What Kids Really Need to Succeed

  • Clay Roberts (October 2017)


  • Michele Borba (November 2016)

How to Raise an Adult

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims (February 2016)

Getting to Calm: The Early Years

  • Laura Kastner (October 2015)

Life Success for Students with Learning Disabilities

  • Marshall Raskind (Jan 2015)

Wise-minded Parenting

  • Laura Kastner (February 2014)

Raising Resilient Kids

  • Clay Roberts (April 2013)

Growing Resilient Children

  • Clay Roberts (October 2012)


Nevertheless: Ending Sexual harassment

  • IndieFlix Documentary and Discussion (March 2021)

Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety

  • IndieFlix Documentary and Discussion (January 2020) 

Screenagers NEXT Chapter

  • Encore Documentary Screening and Discussion (November 2019)

Screenagers NEXT Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience

  • Documentary and Discussion with Delaney Ruston (October 2019) 


  • Documentary (November 2018 & January 2019)


  • Documentary (May 2018)

If You Build It

  • Documentary and Discussion (April 2018)


  • Documentary (November 2017)

Beyond Measure

  • Documentary (March 2017)


  • Documentary (May and October 2016)

Substance Use Prevention

Substance Use Prevention Panel

Guest Speakers: Shawnee Hathaway-Ochs (BHS Student Assistance Professional); Aubrey Lough, CDP, LMFTA (Creating Growth Counseling); and Sgt. Trevor Ziemba (BIPD)

Parenting Stage: 6th-8th, 9th-12th

Workshops & Panels

What's the Harm: A Substance Abuse Prevention Panel

  • Presented in partnership with Bainbridge Youth Services  (November 2019)

Summit for Youth

  • Presented in partnership with The Alliance for Youth (April 2019)

Parenting with Positive Discipline

  • Workshop with Peggy Koivu (March 2019)  

What's Up with Our Middle Schoolers? What Parents Need to Know?

  • Panel Discussion (March 2018)

Resilience: The Heart of the Matter

  • Parenting Series (February 2017)

Resilience: The Heart of the Matter

  • Parenting Series (March 2016)

Bainbridge Youth Alcohol Use: Let’s Talk

  • Forum (May 2015)

Success: Changing the Story?

  • Forum (April 2015)

Parenting Right in the Middle

  • Forum (April 2015)

The Voice of Experience: Young Adults and Parents Reflect

  • Forum (March 2015)

Tools for the Tough Stuff

  • Forum (February 2015)

Warmhearted-Coolheaded Tools For Parenting Tweens

  • Forum (December 2014 and January 2015)

Mindful Parenting

  • Parenting Series (May 2014)

Tools for Resilience

  • Parenting Series (February 2013)

The Happy Class

  • Youth Class (2012-2013)

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