Raising Resilience and Multicultural Advisory Council Present an Acclaimed Documentary


Tuesday, April, 24, 7 p.m. at Bainbridge Cinemas

This is a past event. Thanks for joining us!

Are there ways to make high school more meaningful and engaging for kids?

IF YOU BUILD IT is an inspiring documentary directed by Patrick Creadon showing that teens have the ability and the talent to make a difference, if adults will let them. In the fall of 2010, 10 high students in Bertie County, North Carolina, enrolled in a unique class - an updated version of shop class that eventually has them designing and building an actual structure, a new farmers' market for their rural community. The brainchild of Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller, who applied their backgrounds in design and architecture to education, the Project H program is designed to empower young people; first, by teaching them the skills to create something, and then letting them actually do it.

This honest and engrossing film offers a compelling and hopeful vision for a new kind of classroom, where ingenuity and spark restore excitement in education. 

What we learned is that schools need to be what we as parents and educators and students decide they should be, that we as a nation are relying far too heavily on online education, that real change can’t occur unless there is shared ownership in the new solutions that are being created to address our most challenging problems, and, perhaps most importantly, that there is a designer inside each of us that just needs a little encouragement to grow and develop.” 

— Patrick Creadon, Director

Stay after the film for a brief discussion in the cinema – to talk about the film, education and opportunity to transform communities. Representatives from Alchemy Arts, BARN, Grain and BISD's teacher Preston Michaels along with local design and building professionals will also be joining us.

Raising Resilience has partnered with Multicultural Advisory Council (MAC) to present this acclaimed documentary. MAC's mission is to promote multicultural awareness and understanding in the schools and the community; and to strive to provide every student with equal educational opportunities.

Running time: 1 h 26 m

Tickets: $10 (suggested donation)


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Made possible thanks to the One Call for All donations in support of Raising Resilience.