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Digital Parenting in the time of COVID resources

ABOUT THE EVENT: This Event Is Closed

Long-time media producer, Diana Graber, is a recognized expert on technology's impact on human behavior. Her engaging presentation addressed the unique challenges parents and children of ALL AGES are facing transitioning back to “normal.” The presentation covered: 

  • Increased screen time / safe and productive social media use

  • Maintaining safe and healthy online relationships

  • How to manage digital reputations & maintain personal privacy online


In her book, RAISING HUMANS IN A DIGITAL WORLD: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology, Graber deftly navigates and demystifies the complicated digital landscape facing today’s kids, defining buzzwords, answering crucial questions and providing parents and educators with activities they can use to teach children to harness technology rather than be harmed by it. An innovator in the field of digital literacy and trained in media psychology, Graber fully understands the overwhelming influence technology has on today’s young people and the challenges this presents. Everything a young person does online—every post, comment, photo—contributes to a digital profile that can open or close doors to their future.


"The best book yet on parenting screen-addicted kids."

- Jacob Bayham, Outside Magazine

"Read the book, keep it by your night stand, or even pass it on to other parents. But most important, apply what you are about to learn."

- Dr. Michelle Borba, internatinoally recognized educator, speaker, and best-selling author

"Brilliant, compelling, and essential are the first words that came to my mind when reading "Raising Humans in a Digital World."  Diana not only taps her own exemplary expertise but also assembles a "who's who" of digital thought leaders to deliver a treasure trove of pragmatic advice via an engaging storytelling style. This is a must-read for parents raising kids in the digital age."

- Alan katzman, founder & ceo, social assurity

A special thank you to our event sponsors: Island Educational Services and Montessori Country School 

AND to our ANNUAL Sponsors and Supporters: Lorenz and Saez Real Estate Team, Realogics Sotheby's International Realty; Puget Sound Energy, Carden Country School, Bainbridge Schools Foundation, and West Sound Academy

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