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Help Families Thrive!

Raising Resilience is the parenting arm of Bainbridge Youth Services. We provide quality speakers, documentaries, webinars, resourceful content, and parenting classes through the generous donations of individuals and area businesses. 

In order to remain inclusive and offer both free and reasonably priced programs, we rely on sponsorships from community-minded organizations and businesses, and donations from members of our community. Join our village – let’s raise resilience together. 



to help youth and families thrive.

If you donate through One Call for All your donation will be specifically earmarked for Raising Resilience. Every gift of over $20 through One Call for All earns a “share” of the Community Fund and it saves us processing fees, so your gift helps give more!


If you prefer, you can also donate through our parent organization, Bainbridge Youth Services.

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“We feel it is highly imperative, especially these days, to support our hard-working parents and caregivers. Support to parents/caregivers leads to much needed support to help our kids thrive. RR has cultivated dozens of sessions, resources, and tools conveniently available online. I love gaining new tips on how to deal with new parenting dilemmas. I also appreciate hearing and learning from other parents in our community. RR really cares about our community and is always striving to help us better.”

The Schmidt Family

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"We are proud to sponsor Raising Resilience! As parents and members of the Bainbridge Island community we know it takes a village to raise kids. Raising Resilience offers programs and support to help us all build a strong foundation for our youth and our world."


Join Our Circle of Community-Minded Sponsors

Communities thrive when the families that make up that community are resilient. Youth have a far greater chance of building resilience when parents feel supported. Let’s Raise Resilience Together!

Contact us to inquire about sponsorship opportunities or featured resource listings.



Be A Resilience Ambassador

Participate / Advocate / Donate

When parents feel supported and empowered with tools to build resilience in themselves and their children, our youth can thrive, and our community can grow stronger. Let's work together to raise resilience and lift each other up! Resilient Families = Resilient Communities.

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"When I get the support I need, my kids have a much better chance of getting what they need from me. They thrive when I do.


Thank you, Raising Resilience!"

Kate P.

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Community members who give their time through other volunteer roles are just as much a part of the circle as the rest of the team. These include members of local PTOs, physical and mental health professionals, teachers and staff, grandparents, and (of course) parents. If you are interested in ways to give your time or services, please contact us with the word volunteer in the subject line.

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